Ups in your area. Does the national parkinson foundation provide financial assistance? While npf does not provide financial assistance, parkinson’s disease information specialists can provide referrals to organizations that may be able to help you with financial assistance for medication, transportation, basic needs, and respite care/nursing home.   parkinson’s disease information specialists can also provide information about various government social service programs that you may qualify for. does half a pill of viagra work How long will i have to wait to speak with a parkinson’s disease information specialist? Most of the time, our information specialists are waiting for your calls and will pick up right away.   occasionally, all the lines will be busy and there may be a brief wait to speak with someone.   if there may be a delay, you will be prompted with information about how to leave a message so that we can call you back.   leave a message with your name, phone number, the best time to reach you, and your time zone. You can also email us at: helpline@parkinson. viagra samples Org.   we will return your message as soon as possible. You may also be able to find the answer to your question at the following links: • our free publications are available to download or order at: www. Parkinson. viagra coupon Org/books or in our broader parkinson’s disease library at: www. Parkinson. discount viagra Org/library. generic viagra canada • post questions on our online forum where doctors and other health care professionals as well as other caregivers or persons with parkinson’s disease can respond. • find local resources, such as support groups or health professionals, in your area at: www. natural alternative viagra Parkinson. Org/search. viagra for sale Disclaimer: please be aware that while we are happy to discuss with you any issue, calling our helpline is not a substitute for going to doctor.   when making a medical decision, always consult a physician.   we stand ready to discuss issues related to pd generally and possible places to go to get care or support, but we can’t diagnose or treat pd over the phone. buy viagra in usa online   when we offer names of people in your area, that does not specifically constitute an endorsement of them or the services they offer. instructions for viagra   npf does certify certain centers, has affiliated chapters, and offers training to providers, and the helpline specialist can help you find one of these if you request it. instructions for viagra The helpline is made possible through the generous support of the medtronic foundation and thousands of people with parkinson's and their families. low dose viagra side effects Print npf forums rss fee.